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Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand with Lily Goncalves

Lily-Goncalves-Certified-Yoga-InstructorLily Goncalves, M.Ed

Lily’s passion for yoga has brought her to seek out the heart of yoga and its ancient wisdom while embodying a holistic approach to yoga that is about living our true essence.

Under the guidance of her Satguru, Her Holiness Amma Shri Karunamayi, Lily’s profound inner journey has allowed her to combine what she has learned from her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology & Energy Healing Training with the deep insight gained from her intensive meditation & yogic practices.  Along with her love for the mystic poets, dance, art, music, & sacred pilgrimages throughout India and Asia she shares the many facets of our divine nature in her teachings & daily living. Lily has been privileged to work with her dear friend Kate Potter on the Yoga T.V.  & D.V.D series Namaste, and as well as produce her own Yoga Nidra CD’s as tools for meditation practice. Lily has also developed specific Yoga programs for professional athletes and has a special interest in working with Yoga Nidra, Hand Mudras, & The Anatomy Trains Theory while exploring Yoga.

Over the last 16 years she has been influenced by many great traditions & practitioners; which include teachings from the Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin  & Restorative approaches to yoga asana, as well as the chakra & self-inquiry approaches to spiritual awakening.  She has fully dedicated herself to her spiritual journey and currently spends extensive time in retreat every year in remote forest ashrams in India, practicing silent meditation and serving those in need.

Yoga with Lily aspires to ignite our awakening from within and guide us to live from a place of truth, compassion, & peace.

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Ramananda-Mayi-certified-yoga-instructorRamananda Mayi

Author of “The Essential Teachings of Yoga,” and founder/director of Dharmony Healing Herbs, Ramananda inspires the awakening of the spiritual heart through the wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta.  A natural born mystic, vedic priest, astrologer and ayurvedic medicinal healer he facilitates yoga teacher’s trainings, vedic sacred arts workshops and discourses regularly in spiritual retreat centers around the world.  Revealing the importance of Self-Awareness as a means to reconnect humanity to its roots as compassionate caretakers of Mother Nature, his silent presence emanates the love and insight of one surrendered into the Grace of Existence.  From the lineage of one of the worlds’ ancient Goddess traditions, Shri Vidya, which recognizes nature as an expression of Spirit, he humbly offers spiritual guidance to all sincerely seeking liberation.

His teachings originate from the Vedas and the oral tradition of the enlightened saints of India which he received from his gurus and extensive pilgrimages throughout Asia. His extensive knowledge of the mystery teachings of the Vedas and Tantras coupled with his expertise in ceremony, ritual, Sanskrit chanting, mudras and mandalas opens the gateways into the unseen worlds that connect our world with that of the Spiritual realms.  The sacred ceremonies he facilitates are an invitation into the dimensions of higher awareness where all may receive guidance, purification, and revelation.   

Bridging the gap between the wisdom of the ancient sages with the modern age, Ramananda is an advocate of selfless service, devotion, meditation and contemplation as a means of promoting world peace.  Empowering each individual to unfold their spiritual potential and embody the essence of truth through their compassionate presence is his life’s work.


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