What is Yoga Nidra?

YOGA NIDRA, or Sleep Yoga is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation: known as psychic sleep or the yoga of conscious sleep.

In the Yoga Nidra practice, the consciousness is said to be resting in a state between wakefulness and sleep, sometimes referred to in modern psychology as the “hypnagogic state”.  It is in this state during the Yoga Nidra practice that the alpha brain wave length is prolonged, providing the body with the ability to deeply restore and heal itself both physical, mentally and emotionally.   During the practice of Yoga Nidra, the mind becomes exceptionally receptive, and the identification of the egoic “I”, “me” or “mine” identification is bypassed.  This enables the practitioner of Yoga Nidra to learn languages and other subjects very rapidly, and the intentions given during the practice of yoga nidra are said to be successful in removing unwanted habits and tendencies.  Even habits such as smoking and over-eating can be overcome with the continual use of Yoga Nidra.  However, the Yogis would advise us to ‘go for the gold’ and create an intention or sankalpa that is of the highest spiritual nature – as this intention would create the ultimate satisfaction and peace in all areas of one’s life.  In fact, it is said that yoga nidra can be used for directing the mind to accomplish anything.

Yoga Nidra is a form of deep meditation that allows us to access the fountain of creativity, artistic expression & deep knowledge.  It is also said that in this same state of Yoga Nidra the source of the most creative scientific discoveries, such as those of Einstein, Goethe, Kekule & Bohr were made.

Yoga Nidra is said to be such an effective meditation technique, that  a single hour of yoga nidra is the equivalent of four hours of  sleep. In this way, Yoga Nidra is especially beneficially for those experiencing insomnia or lack of sleep.


Yoga Nidra is highly effective for the following conditions:

  • Stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression
  • Diabetes, hyper-tension, migraine, asthma, ulcers, heart diseases, arthritis, digestive & skin disorders.
  • Promoting creativity & healthy development in children
  • Mental imbalances & psychiatric treatment
  • Reducing tension and anxiety


Suggested Reading:  Yoga Nidra- by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

To learn more you can go to our Yoga Nidra page to learn more or download a free, 16 minute, yoga nidra MP3 and experience it for yourself.

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