What is a Diploma in Yoga?

What is a diploma in yoga?


A diploma in yoga is more commonly known as a yoga teacher training certificate.  Upon successful completion of one of our yoga training certification courses at the Blooming Lotus Yoga School students are awarded our international yoga teacher diploma and can teach classes in the hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, power yoga, yin yoga and restorative styles of yoga asana around the world.  After being awarded our yoga diploma, students then can optionally register with a number of International Yoga accreditation institutes which will accredit them their own unique titles, such as RYT or “registered yoga teacher,” etc.  These secondary registration general requirements vary as per the guidelines of the various regional accreditation or international governing bodies.

Some of the most common organizations that register a diploma in yoga education are:


The Yoga Alliance

The International Yoga Federation

Yoga Alliance International

The International Association of Yoga Therapists

The British Wheel of Yoga

The European Yoga Alliance

The Independent Yoga Network


Each organization has it’s own guidelines for issuing their respective diploma in yoga and students must research what is most appropriate for their needs.  Often times students will not need to register with any other governing body as where they teach yoga will likely not require anything other than our yoga teachers diploma to prove that they have completed and graduated from an internationally registered yoga school.  The above mentioned governing bodies often charge high rates, offer little personal contact with the administrators or their teachers, and offer little value for their fees.  Their function is only to award a generic certification (at a fee) that students can then use to  show their respective employers or yoga studio owners that they have been “officially” certified.

These accreditation bodies do not have the capacity to actually gauge the skill of a yoga student, and as such must rely on the respective yoga schools at which students originally completed their yoga teacher training for confirmation that a student actually completed a set number of hours and that they are competent to teach.  As such, these governing bodies offer very little in regards to actually determining if a yoga student is skilled enough to teach yoga to others.  This can only be gauged by the senior teachers of the yoga teacher training school.  Students are advised to first research if registration is actually necessary for where they plan on teaching and then register with the appropriate yoga accreditation institute only if necessary.

The Blooming Lotus Yoga Shala is an independent yoga school following the linage of the Shri Vidya yoga masters, one of India’s most ancient traditions.  We are also a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance of America. Upon completion of our yoga teacher training courses students can successfully apply for a Yoga Alliance certification.

With the increasing level of corporate activity beginning to develop in the western yoga community, we are now recommending that prospective students of our yoga teacher training should research if they actually need accreditation with an outside governing yoga institution.  The monopolization of yoga training being promoted by some of the most popular yoga registration institutes compromises the timeless wisdom of the yoga which has endured for thousands of years without commercialization.  Students are encouraged to research the negative effects of commercialization upon the classical yoga lifestyle from an elder in their yoga community and act accordingly.



 Blooming Lotus certified diploma in yoga

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