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Bali Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Ubud

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Most tourists travel to southern Bali and neglect the other 3 regions of Bali. Which 3 regions am I talking about? The North, East, and West of Bali. The South offers great accommodation, entertainment, cuisine and lots of exciting stuff to see. However, to experience the true Bali, you need to go everywhere. Each area is totally different from the last and equally as good. Everything you see will leave you wondering if the last was as amazing. Take a ride through this hidden paradise and observe how things change almost every 20km. The diversity in the landscape is something that is truly remarkable. Every tropical rainforest is different from the other in terms of beauty, flora, and fauna. You can take up hiking and enjoy the different spectacular views of the beautiful Bali that each mountain offers.

Explore the Depths of Yoga in a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course

If you’re lucky, you can get to see the hidden beaches in Bali. They are as beautiful as the public beaches and filled with different sea life that is not present in some areas on earth. The beautiful clear waters offer a kind of peace that is unexplainable; the kind that needs to be felt.

This region is not only known for its stunning landscape but also its Bali yoga retreats. These retreats are some of the world’s most renowned since they offer top-notch quality in all aspects relating to yoga. This is the definition of Blooming Lotus Yoga. Our facility offers a wholesome experience that allows you to experience healing redefined. What is this? It is merely healing of the mind that prompts you to have a whole new understanding of life, a healing of the body that allows you to regain strength in your muscles and a healing of the soul that helps you become a better overall person.

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor in Bali

The instructors at Blooming Lotus deepen your understanding of yoga, such that you begin to understand each and every yoga practice and its significance. Our yoga teacher training in Bali will deepen your knowledge of Asana, Mantras, Mudras and more. The instructors provide an in-depth explanation of all these things thanks to the years they have spent studying and understanding all these aspects. Their skill, love, and energy for yoga is something that is rare and almost impossible to find. You will get to view them as your friends and form relationships with them that go beyond your stay at the Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreat.

Another key benefit to our Bali yoga teacher training is that it offers a new perspective on life. You begin to appreciate all living things beside yourself. You will find yourself showing compassion where you thought you could not.  All in all, one thing all these people agree on is that there is something magical waiting for you at Blooming Lotus Yoga.

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