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Discover One of The Most Transformative Yoga Retreats Bali Has to Offer

Our Bali yoga retreats encourage you to take care of your body, mind and soul. The teachers here possess a beautiful ability to heal your weaknesses and insecurities. They help you get past them and begin loving yourself for the unique being you truly are so you can find true well being. The instructors at Blooming Lotus will help you develop a love for life you had lost or thought you could never have. You begin to find joy in the smallest of things and develop an eagerness to share this joy with others.  To promote healthy livingand healing all the meals at Blooming Lotus are vegetarian, ayurveda inspired and simply divine. These delicious healthy meals give you a chance to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs during your stay here. As you begin to eat a healthy diet you will, in turn, appreciate yourself more.


Yoga Retreat Ubud Bali

The Magic of a Yoga Escape in Bali

You can enjoy the beauty of Bali while on any one of the several courses and yoga retreats in Bali. These retreats give you a chance to go beyond the mat and learn more than just vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga or bikram yoga. There are some yogis who are used to practicing yoga surrounded by four walls in an enclosed space. If you count yourself in this group be prepared to enjoy yoga beyond the classroom since most of these yoga retreats make use of the outside environment. The teachers at Blooming Lotus Yoga offer classes outside where students are surrounded by nothing but green forests or by the river where you can meditate while enjoying the sweet sound of the river. This yoga retreat center allows students to get accustomed to new environments that they weren’t used to back in the cities. Get acquainted with beautiful breathtaking locations that will facilitate your soul journey.  The coaching sessions, cleansing, massages, spa, classes, and workshops at our yoga resort are second to none.

Yoga Escape and Retreat in Bali Indonesia

Bali Yoga Retreats, Meditation, Workshops & Teacher Training at our Ubud Sanctuary

A yoga retreat in Ubud or a Bali meditation retreat will allow you to experience so much more to aside from travel books and that Julia Roberts movie. Booking a vacation with other travelers may be fun and eventful but this region needs to be seen and toured in an intimate group to see what marvelousness it truly holds. A popular region for tourists is Ubud. Groups of individuals board buses to this location and enjoy a whole day filled with nothing but sightseeing. They get to see the Royal Palace where they get a chance to take photographs of the spectacular interior and get to learn its history, they walk through the Monkey Forest and get to see hundreds of monkeys swing here and there while staring at them in wonder and they even go to the Neka Art Museum and see some spectacular art pieces they never thought they would ever see.

All these places are wonderful to visit, but you need to get off the trail to enjoy the true beauty this land offers. Central Ubud has small villages that have upheld traditional Balinese culture and practices. It is these villages that offer visitors an insight into the holistic Balinese way of life and what customs they uphold. You can even inquire about the Bali yoga sanctuary of Ida Pedanda Made Gunung who was a great Balinese yogi. You can wander around these villages and get to see some amazing temples built by the Balinese. Admire the beautiful architecture and stonework that some of the Balinese people built by hand. The traditional markets in this village will give you a chance to purchase affordable souvenirs while you enjoy the different aromas of spices flying through the market.

Yoga retreats in Bali can be found in various regions but choosing one at Blooming Lotus Yoga is where the first step of your epic welness journey begins.

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Experience a Bali Yoga Retreat Unlike Anything Else!

Yoga teaches you how to pay attention and live in the present. This is called mindful awareness and this awareness has been harmonized with the structural changes in the brain to take your productivity into a different level altogether. You learn how to relax with daily practice of yoga. During the asanas, the muscles are tensed and relaxed in a continuous way and when it is performed with mindful awareness of physical sensations, you will be able to reach a completely relaxed state of mind. Simultaneously, yoga improves your body flexibility, stamina and strength to create a perfect balance of mental and physical health.

It is always advisable to go to a retreat that offers a complete package comprising of well organized yoga classes, meditation sessions, interactive sessions, nature tours and other top quality recreational activities. The prime focus of types of retreats is to enhance your quality of life and thereby increase your own spiritual connection.

Here is a simple guide to yoga retreats:

If you go to a touristy retreat that primarily focuses on entertaining tourists, you are not going to experience the real benefits of yoga. You can find several yoga centers that offer intimidating and ineffective classes and they are also incapable of delivering a life transformation experience for the participants. When you look for a yoga retreat, you must try to identify an authentic retreat. These make everything harmonious including the yoga practice, accommodation, leisure activities and even the overall ambiance. You don’t need to worry about any intimidating yoga classes as well.

The role of teachers is very critical and well known Bali yoga retreats design their classes according to the students’ levels and expertise. For example; separate classes will be conducted for beginners, while advanced students will receive one-on-one instruction. The qualified and experienced teaches available in the retreat centers interact with the students to impart valuable knowledge about yoga and its benefits and these sessions always help the participants become more committed and responsible. When you choose a yoga retreat, you must give utmost importance to this aspect.

Yoga retreat holidays provide an ideal yoga getaway for yogis and are the best opportunity to explore the subtler and deeper aspects pertaining to your body and mind. The training methods guide you how to listen to your body and the yoga teachers allow you to discover yourself instead of overwhelming you and making you feel pressured.

Yoga vacations offer you a completely different way to travel and your trip and for many, become the first step toward a life-changing transformational journey. Reputed retreats centers also provide a unique experience of bonding with people who want to improve the quality of their lives and interacting with them is a great learning experience in your life.


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Vinyasa yoga retreat in Bali

Here are 6 things everyone should know about yoga in Bali:

  • Yoga in Bali helps reshape your habits: It is not at all easy to make changes in your thought process and habits. Vinyasa yoga teaches you how to break old bad habits and skilled instructors put forward the right techniques that help you replace your bad habits with healthy ones. The yoga classes focus on cultivating conscious behaviors and this method makes you a better human being.
  • Bali hatha yoga classes lay the foundation for a life transformation: Vinyasa yoga classes rejuvenate and revitalize your body and mind with the help of advanced techniques and meditation. The instructors available are going to teach you about the benefits of yoga and you will experience inner harmony by practicing the yoga methods advocated by these instructors. The integration of mind, body and spirit becomes a reality.
  • There are different lengths of retreats: The most renowned Bali yoga retreat centers offer different types of packages for the beginners and they include 4-day and 7-day retreat packages. They have been designed to meet the varying needs of different people and you can find nature trips, visits to ancient healing temples, cultural immersion events and devotional singing in addition to the yoga classes.
  • Transformative workshops spark new insights: These types of workshops can be described as heart to heart sessions and you will receive a lot of next-level personal growth tools to transform your life.
  • You can lean a step by step meditation technique: If you practice meditation in the right spirit and in the right way, you can enhance mindfulness and find inner peace. That is what exactly happens with the yoga in Bali and many teachers put forward well-designed, step by step, medication techniques that help you master your mind.
  • Consider the price and look for affordable, yet quality experiences: It is a fact that the most reliable yoga centers energize your body and mind to make you a better human being. However, you don’t have to pay a huge amount for this life transforming experience. The best yoga centers in Bali offer highly affordable solutions.

Bali is a very popular tourist getaway. This tropical paradise island is home to some of the finest natural attractions and the exclusive beauty of this island cannot be described in words. There are gorgeous resorts, excellent yoga retreats, stunningly pretty beaches and you can always associate a serene grace with Bali. If you are looking for the ultimate relaxation and unbelievable fun, Bali is the best place to choose. The spirit and essence of this island is soaked in a daily tradition of ornate rituals, flower offerings and customary dress. There is beauty, craftsmanship, love, fun, excitement, adventure and spirituality and all these things combine well to create Balinese way of life.

Ubud Hatha Yoga Retreat in Bali

Yoga in Bali is a hot topic of discussion nowadays. The yoga classes offered at the numerous retreats teach you how to get rid of stress with efficiency so you can start a new life with more vitality.


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