Bali Meditation Retreats

Bali Meditation Retreats in Ubud


Often we need to break rules and do something outside the norm. This can apply to life and your holiday in Bali as well. When tourists visit this region they often take up residence in particular areas and end up visiting places within their residence. This causes them to miss out on the incredible beauty that the rest of Bali holds. This location can be compared to a good book. You have to take time to read it and analyze it. If you rush it, you will definitely miss out on some of the good plot lines. The following info gives you some of the plot lines of Bali I am referring to.

Learn How To Meditate in Bali

Every tourist’s handbook has highlighted the 5 major temples they need to go to. If you happen to visit all of these and conclude your Bali temple tour you will have limited yourself. This is because there are so many other beautiful hidden temples within the Balinese villages. Get off track and visit some of these villages where you will be received warmly by the locals. These locals will take you around showing you their public temples as well as temples that have been deserted but still hold marvelous wonders.

Unknown to most individuals is that the Balinese people take their traditional ceremonies seriously. This means that they always go all out when it comes to traditional dances or celebrations at these public temples. If you’re lucky, you will visit these temples and experience puppet shows, dramas and dances all showcasing the beautiful land that is Bali.

Aside from the touring you will be doing why not stop by Blooming Lotus Yoga for a Bali yoga and meditation retreat? Our facility offers the perfect environment for students as well as yoga teachers to deepen their understanding of all things yoga. Teachers who are looking to further their understanding will get to have workshops and practical sessions where they can practice what they have learned. Students will have a chance to connect with their instructors on a personal level and thsoe that are ready can even get certified to teach yoga in our Bali yoga teacher training courses.

You will also get to experience the energy that all the people at Blooming Lotus display so easily. All the instructors here have such joy and happiness for life that they are ready to share with anyone they meet. They have amazing personalities that make them such electric souls and good company.

Bali Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Paradise

Teachers here have an in-depth and cohesive knowledge of yoga. There is no question they cannot answer and no problem they seemingly don’t know how to solve. They will be there when you cannot seem to get the poses right and they will be there when you want a one on one session. They carry out the class at your pace allowing you to everything you need to know about yoga and meditation while assisting you when you are stuck. Such kind of intimate teaching is something most yogis lack and will definitely find delightful at Blooming Lotus Yoga.

Our retreat teaches individuals to breakthrough through mental obstacles. A Bali meditation retreat at Blooming Lotus Yoga will teach you how to leave past wounds behind and embrace the time that is NOW.

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