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Stories from the Sages that Change our Lives

Below are some of our favorite short stories, told from the ancient sages and passed on from generation to generation, about the essential truths of our existence.   Each story holds a key to unlock the mystery within.  We invite you to take some time and listen deeply to allow these truths to ignite within you the remembrance of our true nature.

Yoga Stories

1. St. Augustine’s Dream

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dream of consciousness

ST. Augustine's Dream - Read the Story Here

St. Augustine after many years of studying, searching and meditation had found no inner peace. He wanted to know the supreme consciousness so badly that he became like a man. One night he had a dream in which he was walking along the sea shore. At a short distance he saw small child standing near shore. The child had a small cup in his little hand and there was intense troubled look on his face. When Augustine got closer he asked the child what the problem was. The child told him that he was trying to scoop up the ocean with his little cup. Augustine laughed and said, “My dear child will never be able to scoop up the whole ocean with your little cup.” The child looked at Augustine and said “How is what I am trying to do, different from what you are trying to do? Are you not also attempting to scoop up the whole of the cosmos with your little cup?!” The child then said, “But I will show you how it can be done…” and he threw the cup into the ocean. Augustine immediately understood and tears of joy arose within him. The message of this story is that we cannot contain conscious. And no matter what we do, how hard we try, whatever techniques we may use to attune our minds to consciousness; it will never be enough. As there’s nothing that can be done… Other than completely surrender deeply into That which pervades All.

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