Group Yoga Retreats

Group Yoga Retreats in Thailand

– Deepen Your Practice –

Our Thailand Yoga Retreats offer students the opportunity to deepen their practice & immerse themselves in the yoga lifestyle while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the southern tropical haven of Koh Phangan, Thailand.  We facilitate the following group yoga retreats throughout the year and offer specialty courses to allow both new and old students the opportunity to study the many facets of the multifarious gem that is yoga.

 ***Group Yoga Retreat dates for 2013 to be announced soon***

If you plan to be in Thailand on these dates:

May 15 – June 25
July 25 – Sept 4
Dec 15 – Feb 28

We recommend you register for one of our Individualized Yoga Retreats


Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

 – Healing from Within –

This holistic health yoga retreat focuses on introducing the key Asian herbs every yoga practitioner should know to promote youth, increase immunity and expand consciousness.  The morning yoga sessions invoke the balance of the 5 elements within the body/mind and the afternoons are devoted to nutritional dietary advice, a practical understanding of your constitutional type, in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs & simple home remedies to cure common diseases.  This healing yoga retreat concludes with a medicinal garden walk to sample the natural remedies found in the jungle setting of this paradise island.

Details & Registration


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Yoga & Enlightened Living Retreat

 – Awaken your Inner Wisdom –

This unique yoga retreat offers practical guidelines and techniques to live your life fully with the utmost peace and happiness.  Each day will focus on the essential themes of life – relationships, romance, family, career, self-confidence, courage, happiness, health, forgiveness, gratitude, inner peace, your life’s purpose & enlightened living.  This retreat will invite participants to ask their deepest inner questions about life and receive practical & spiritual guidance.  It will bring joy, laughter, tears and deep inner transformation.

We will be practicing deep pranayama, meditation, yoga asana and yoga nidra techniques to purify the body/mind to reveal our limiting patterns and release them.  The emphasis will be on cultivating present moment awareness, letting go of all attachments and expectations & accepting what arises within each and every moment.  The essential means of cultivating such heightened levels of awareness is through love and compassion.

Details & Registration

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10 Day Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat

 – Surrendering into Stillness –

Details coming soon!

To learn where we are located go to our Koh Phangan, Thailand page

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