Yoga Retreat Teachers

Yoga Retreat Teachers

  Francie Fishman

Thailand Yoga Retreats with Francie Fishman - Certified Yoga Teacher

Francie is an internationally certified yoga teacher who facilitates yoga teacher training courses, offers group and private yoga classes and hosts yoga retreats at the Blooming Lotus Yoga School in Thailand.  Specializing in the Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin/Yang styles of yoga asana she incorporates the knowledge of myo-fascia meridians, energy anatomy, and yogic philosophy to facilitate deep openings of the Heart through in-depth instructions on alignment, sequencing and awareness of the breath. An eternal teacher & student, Francie is passionate about sharing her love of flow and the bliss of being though yoga, education, and the hula hoop, encouraging and inspiring people to open and express to their highest and lightest potential, so that they may deepen their connection to the present moment while expanding their hearts and minds.  Based in Thailand and Bali, Francie travels the world, sharing her passions, connecting community, and activating play, bliss and healing with yoga & hula hoop retreats, festivals, and community gatherings.

Ashley Beasley


Ashley is a passionate, grounded and inspiring yoga teacher who has been exploring somatic movement and expression, including Thai Massage, Somatic Movement Therapy, Capoeira, and Ecstatic Dance throughout her life. For Ashley, Yoga is an all-encompassing way of being; a lifestyle choice that gives us the tools to navigate through the spectrum of life’s myriad, colorful experiences. Creating a safe, meditative, breath-infused experience accessible to all levels, Ashley’s classes are compassionate, playful, energizing and full of mindfulness. After years of traveling and intensively studying yoga with some of the foremost teachers in the U.S., Asia & the U.K and teaching classes and workshops internationally in Nepal & Scotland, Ashley is now based in Thailand. Ashley now offers a unique fusion of the Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin styles of yoga asanas in her dynamic classes, as well as offers Meditation Classes and Holistic Lifestyle Advice to her students to help them find greater peace and balance in both their inner and outer lives.


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