Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra with Lily Goncalves

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidrathe method of Conscious Sleep, is considered to be one of the deepest meditation techniques, leading you into a state of total stillness and insight.  Yoga Nidra is a powerful, scientific method based on ancient Tantric texts, of complete mental, physical & emotional relaxation.   An invaluable tool for manifestation, letting go of habitual patterns, and connecting to your true nature,  Yoga Nidra releases built up tension, stress and anxiety, providing a perfect tool for the often fast-paced life of the modern world.

Developed by Lily Goncalves, and based on the foundation of ancient yogic & tantric principles of self-transformation from the teachings of the Bihar School of India, these audio recordings offer a complete yoga nidra practice.

Below you can listen to the complete 16 minute yoga nidra practice “Unwind” and download it for free:

Listen to the Yoga Nidra MP3 “Unwind”


Download the Yoga Nidra MP3 “Unwind”


Yoga Nidra might be the most fascinating technique ever.  I do not know how it works, but somehow magically it does! – Jenny

If you wish to integrate Yoga Nidra into your daily lifestyle, and derive all of its life changing benefits, you can purchase the full guided Yoga Nidra MP3 sessions as Instant MP3 Downloads here:

Awakening the Chakras - MP3

Awakening-the-Chakras-MP3-CoverLearn how to open, balance and energize the chakras through yoga nidra.  These 2 sessions, one short (25 Min.) and the other long (45 min), are specifically designed to access the subtle body and increase creativity, improve health  & expand awareness.  Using the symbols, sounds, and senses associated with each chakra, these sessions open the More Info »
Price: $5.00

3 Practical Meditations - MP3

Yoga Nidra MP3Enjoy the deep exploration of the frontiers of your own consciousness as Lily guides your awareness within.  Each track is a complete practice in and of itself, offering you 3 different opportunities to experience your inner world.
Price: $5.00

Advanced Yoga Nidra - MP3

Yoga-Nidra-AdvancedFor those that wish to dive deeper within this Yoga Nidra session is truly transfromative.  Nearly 1 hour long, it facilitates the ultimate surrender into the silence of your true Being.  It has the power to heal and release negative thoughts and emotions from subconscious patterning.  Prepare to totally let go and surrender into stillness!
Price: $5.00

Who Am I? - MP3

Who-AM-I--MP3-CoverDesigned to awaken the inner wisdom of Pure Being through the direct method of Self-Inquiry, called Atma Vichara, these sessions facilitate the deepest release.  By focusing on the source of the "I" thought, a deep inquiry into the root of the ego structure allows the sense of individual separation to dissolve and the pure Bliss of More Info »
Price: $5.00

The Yoga Nidra Collection

Yoga-Nidra-CollectionReceive our entire yoga nidra MP3 collection and dive into the depths of inner calm and stillness.  This collection includes "3 Practical Meditations", "Awakening the Chakras," "Who Am I?" & "Advanced Yoga Nidra".  That's 8 unique sessions, each of various lengths, that will allow you to flow with the practice as time allows.   It's More Info »
Price: $15.00

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If you have a few moments you can watch this 10 minute video on how to get the most out of your yoga nidra practice.

To Learn More about the Theory of Yoga Nidra you can go to our yoga articles and read >>>“What is Yoga Nidra?” 

Download Our Free Yoga Nidra MP3 "Unwind"

Receive all the life changing benefits of yoga nidra as you completely relax and rejuvenate using this 16 minute guided session to boost your energy, heal the body and calm the mind...