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Our Bali yoga retreats encourage you to take care of your body, mind and soul. The teachers here possess a beautiful ability to heal your weaknesses and insecurities. They help you get past them and begin loving yourself for the unique being you truly are so you can find true well being. The instructors at Blooming Lotus will help you develop a love for life you had lost or thought you could never have. You begin to find joy in the smallest of things and develop an eagerness to share this joy with others.  To promote healthy livingand healing all the meals at Blooming Lotus are vegetarian, ayurveda inspired and simply divine. These delicious healthy meals give you a chance to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs during your stay here. As you begin to eat a healthy diet you will, in turn, appreciate yourself more.


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The Magic of a Yoga Escape in Bali

You can enjoy the beauty of Bali while on any one of the several courses and yoga retreats in Bali. These retreats give you a chance to go beyond the mat and learn more than just vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga or bikram yoga. There are some yogis who are used to practicing yoga surrounded by four walls in an enclosed space. If you count yourself in this group be prepared to enjoy yoga beyond the classroom since most of these yoga retreats make use of the outside environment. The teachers at Blooming Lotus Yoga offer classes outside where students are surrounded by nothing but green forests or by the river where you can meditate while enjoying the sweet sound of the river. This yoga retreat center allows students to get accustomed to new environments that they weren’t used to back in the cities. Get acquainted with beautiful breathtaking locations that will facilitate your soul journey.  The coaching sessions, cleansing, massages, spa, classes, and workshops at our yoga resort are second to none.

Yoga Escape and Retreat in Bali Indonesia

Bali Yoga Retreats, Meditation, Workshops & Teacher Training at our Ubud Sanctuary

A yoga retreat in Ubud or a Bali meditation retreat will allow you to experience so much more to aside from travel books and that Julia Roberts movie. Booking a vacation with other travelers may be fun and eventful but this region needs to be seen and toured in an intimate group to see what marvelousness it truly holds. A popular region for tourists is Ubud. Groups of individuals board buses to this location and enjoy a whole day filled with nothing but sightseeing. They get to see the Royal Palace where they get a chance to take photographs of the spectacular interior and get to learn its history, they walk through the Monkey Forest and get to see hundreds of monkeys swing here and there while staring at them in wonder and they even go to the Neka Art Museum and see some spectacular art pieces they never thought they would ever see.

All these places are wonderful to visit, but you need to get off the trail to enjoy the true beauty this land offers. Central Ubud has small villages that have upheld traditional Balinese culture and practices. It is these villages that offer visitors an insight into the holistic Balinese way of life and what customs they uphold. You can even inquire about the Bali yoga sanctuary of Ida Pedanda Made Gunung who was a great Balinese yogi. You can wander around these villages and get to see some amazing temples built by the Balinese. Admire the beautiful architecture and stonework that some of the Balinese people built by hand. The traditional markets in this village will give you a chance to purchase affordable souvenirs while you enjoy the different aromas of spices flying through the market.

Yoga retreats in Bali can be found in various regions but choosing one at Blooming Lotus Yoga is where the first step of your epic welness journey begins.

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